With the Arch Association every moment has potential, we are committed to making a real difference to the lives of people with disability in Perth.

“We have combined our professional and personal lived experience of disability with our values, determination and passion to create and provide a service like no other.”

We have adopted a person-centered support approach that focuses on enabling and empowering people with disability to receive just the right amount of support to enable successful and meaningful participation in every part of every day.  At Arch we support our customers to have the dignity of doing what we all do in our everyday lives regardless of their level of ability.

With the Arch Association ‘every moment has potential’ every part of the day, every action, every task, every experience, every social interaction.  We provide just the right amount of support to promote dignity and independence and to make every day a great day.

The Arch Association Team

At Arch we know good teamwork is vital to ensure the provision of well organised, predictable and consistent support.  We all share the same vision and goals throughout our team and have systems for ensuring all our support is organised.  We are committed to ensuring that the people we support get the services they want at the times they want it

We have a strong coaching and mentoring ethos to ensure our team are consistently developing and meeting the needs of our customers and we are proud of our organisation wide commitment to proving a service like no other.

Interested in joining our team? We would love to hear from you please email us at work@archassocaition.com.au for details