At Arch our mission is to make every day a great day.

We see every person as an individual, we find the right moments and provide the right level of
support to ensure your success.

We look at every part of the day, every action, every task and every social interaction and we support you in a way that will give you the dignity of doing what we all do in our everyday lives regardless of your ability.

We can support you with building your daily life skills
We can support you with your daily health and personal care
We can support you with your household activities
We can support you to have a meaningful role in your family
We can support you to manage your own support
We can support you with whatever matters to you

We look at every task and identify the parts of the activity that you can do on your own, the parts that you may need some kind of support with and the parts that we can do.

Our principle that ‘every moment has potential’ means that we support you with just the right amount to enable you to successfully participate in every aspect of your daily life.