About Arch

We believe in the power of dreams

and the people who make them come true

We have a person-centred approach that enables customers to find what they love, and empowers them to make it a part of their everyday lives. By offering the right amount of support, we build the confidence and capability to engage in every part of every day.

Arch Association came from our Managing Director, who had lived experience supporting people with disabilities long before beginning the Arch journey. Since starting Arch Association, the team has dedicated every day to connecting with more people across Perth and finding the best support mentors for their needs.

The rest of our team is a dedicated crew of support mentors and coordinators who take joy in supporting people in every way they can. They aim to go above and beyond expectations to deliver real results that change the lives of our customers.

The word "Dream" written in gold and bathed in sunlight.

Our philosophy

Four people holding hands, forming a circle of trust and support.

We were founded in 2019 under the belief of “Every moment has potential”. That means that every minute of every day can be used to create something amazing, if only we can unlock the potential. We’ve spent every moment since then unlocking the potential in our customers and ourselves.

In 2023 we started to “Dare to Dream”. We believe the first step in reaching your dreams is having the drive to reach out for them. That's why we focus our energy on building plans that achieve goals and get real results. The next step is to build off your skills and successes to dream bigger, aspiring to even greater things. We do this by providing support that empowers. We have a strong track record of building life skills, kickstarting careers, and even starting small businesses with our customers.

Our Values


We understand that everybody has something unique to contribute. We see individuals and make an effort to connect with everybody’s dreams and aspirations.


We understand the value of freedom and informed decision-making. We present options and possibilities, and offer a guiding hand when it comes to providing support.


We understand people can speak for themselves, and do not try to speak over them. We give everybody room to communicate in their own way, and advocate for their own progress and supports.


We understand that people are the most in-touch with their own physical, emotional and mental state. We do not make assumptions, and instead connect with what people say.

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