Micro-business building

Your interests are your strength

We are proud to help our customers develop small businesses based on their personal interests and skills. If you have a dream job in mind, we can help you make it for yourself.

If there’s something you’re passionate about, something that you want to make your future, then we’re the NDIS provider for you. We don’t just support, we listen and consider everything we can do to help you live the life you want.

A photographer holds a camera, waiting to take a photograph for their business
A boy sits atop a mountain, punching the sky because he has found success

Success, step by step

We’ve already helped a number of our customers do what they love, starting with the basics of business building up to branding and beyond. No matter where you are in the process, if you have a dream we can help you work up to it, from the earliest stages to making sales.

We don’t take a cut and we strive to help you thrive.

Our Process

We've made a special course of workbooks to take you from the beginning of a business idea to making your product and selling it.
Our course is always expanding and covers essentials like cost analysis, logo design and registering an ABN.

1. Dreaming of your business

We start with the core of your idea, finding what goods and services you want to provide and narrowing it down into something you can reliably produce.

2. Unlocking your potential

We go through a SWOT analysis together to find where your business will be strong or weak, and finding point we can act upon your potential to grow and succeed.

3. Registering your business

If you're ready to get started, we'll guide you through the process of getting an ABN and registering your business.

4. Making it happen

With the pieces in place, we'll get you started on producing your goods and finding customers for your services. The real work starts here!

5. Invoicing your new customers

You deserve fair pay once your work is done. We'll help you make invoices and charge your new customers fairly. We don't take a cut: every cent you earn is yours to keep.

Our Success stories

Little trinkets by Kayla

Kayla approached Arch Association with an idea: she wanted to turn her love for crocheted cuteness into a small business so she could take control of her working future.

Since then, she has worked with her Support Mentors through every step to turn 'Little Trinkets' into a fully-fledged small business. She has been steadfast in her commitment to both her craft and her support plan, daring to dream of a world where her creations can become a full-time endeavour.

You can find her little trinkets at Joondalup cafes, and made-to-order should you be lucky enough to meet her in person.

The logo of Little Trinkets by Kayla, a business supported by Arch Association
A crocheted fox, dog, giraffe and bee made by Kayla
A crocheted rabbit and panda on sale
A crocheted dinosaur sitting next to an Arch Association flyer
A piece of paper folded into a plane, ready to fly to an NDIS provider

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