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a groundbreaking community-based farming project

Arch Acres is a Hobby Farm established to provide opportunities to people living with disability to develop their social skills, sense of belonging and employable skills along with offering substantial mental health benefits and sense of community. We strive to create an environment that promotes and supports entrepreneurship and opportunities to find meaningful, tailored employment outcomes that suit the individual.

Arch Acres offers a variety of programs for work experience, including:

Two goats look over a fence, surrounded by cartoon animals

Animal Care

Arch Acres is home to horses, goats, ducks, rabbits and chickens who all need good care. Our staff can teach you how to be responsible for every one of them, so you can work independently to meet their needs. Excellent for people who love working to a routine.

A single plant grows from a garden bed, surrounded by art of flowers


Our garden is always growing, and we always need green thumbs to help it along. Plants need care and attention, just like people. We can teach you to plant new crops, monitor their health, encourage their growth, and harvest them when the time comes. Great for teaching patience and diligence.

A chick stands tall, surrounded by art of chickens

Chicken Care & Breeding

We raise our chickens from egg to old age, that means we’re hands-on with them for their whole lives. You can play a role in caring for them from when they hatch to when they start laying eggs of their own. Perfect for people with nurturing personalities.

An upcycled bench surrounded by environmental messages


Just like every moment has potential, so does every object. Upcycling is an opportunity for you to flex your creativity and construction skills. Every project is a new and exciting challenge. Our team can help you harness your ideas and turn them into real, practical objects for sale and use.

A rabbit surrounded by art of a farm

Pet Enclosure construction

With more animals on the way, we need more enclosures for them to live in. We can help you develop your skills in physical construction and following instructions so you can make something you’re proud of that will be used every day. Perfect for people who want to get hands-on.

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