School Leavers Employment Support

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With Student Leavers Employment Support, we’re empowering young adults to build employable skills and find work after leaving high school. From getting around to getting a job, our hand-on-hand approach is adaptive to meet your needs, and our friendly support mentors are here to support your specifically in the ways you need.

It’s not about teaching, it’s about learning in the ways that suit you best. To find out more about SLES, click this link to the NDIS website.

We believe in having choice and control over your support, and that includes your education and training. We've laid out a pathway to take at your pace with your support mentor, but how you follow through is entirely up to you.

If there's a skill you want, it's our role to guide you towards learning and integrating it into your life. All you need to ask when reviewing your goals, and we can put you on the path to success.


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FInd your career path

We don't believe in finding just any job. We believe in finding work and careers that you will love. Our focus on individual outcomes for individual people leads us to develop life skills and find work experience that you will get the most out of.

We use your interests as a starting point to build the skills you'll need to achieve your dream job.

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