What does "Dare to Dream" mean?

What does

Dare to Dream has been our motto since 2023, but what does it mean, both as a saying and for us as an NDIS provider?

What does" Dare to Dream" mean?

“Dare to Dream” means to have the courage to pursue your goals, even if they appear unattainable at first. It’s an encouragement to imagine a better life and to then take action to make it real.

For example: “Martin Luther King Jr dared to dream of a world where people were not judged by the colour of their skin, but by their character”.

Why it's important

Achieving the life you want begins with a goal, and goals begin with dreams. Some dreams are big, and others are small, but all of them are valuable. When we reach our small goals, we build our confidence and capacity to reach our bigger goals, gaining new skills in the process.

By embracing a Dare to Dream mentality, we are saying people should imagine living the lives they want, rather than the ones they are given. However, dreams alone are not always enough, it’s important to back them up with actions. By compounding small successes, a person can reach their larger goals and even begin to dream bigger than they originally thought was possible.

Daring to Dream can be difficult because the world can be a difficult place to live in, especially for people with disabilities who are often underestimated and mistreated. People need to learn to survive before they can thrive, which is why we believe our progression of supports is crucial to our philosophy. A person needs to start with foundational life skills, such as entering the community and managing their time, before they can begin to consider and feel comfortable setting large life-defining goals.

Why it matters to arch association

Daring to Dream is an essential part of the Arch Association philosophy because it embraces optimism and ambition, two traits that we value highly in our support mentors and try to foster within our customers. You have to believe things can be better, and be prepared to do what’s necessary to make them better.

If you’re ready to Dare to Dream, contact us to arrange a meeting and learn what supports we offer that can bring your dreams to life.

Connor Monaghan

Connor is a marketer and writer working at Arch Association and Arch Recruitment.


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