What is School Leavers Employment Support?

What is SLES?

SLES is a fantastic initiative that is helping young adults across Australia build their skills and gain meaningful employment. It is one of Arch Association’s specialties. But what is it, and how can it help you?

What is SLES?

SLES is short for School Leavers Employment Support. SLES is a program set up by the NDIA to give skills to young adults with disabilities that help them transition into working life after leaving high school.

The SLES process is founded on building independence first, and then developing more directly towards work-related skills with practical applications in the workplace. The final goal is to search for and finding a job.

Who is eligible for SLES?

NDIS participants between the ages of 16 to 22 are eligible to apply for SLES funding through their NDIS plan. This application can be done by talking to your Local Area Coordinator or Support Coordinator.

SLES funding can be part of an original plan, or added to an existing plan with a plan review.

SLES funding lasts for a maximum of 2 years, after which a participant is no longer eligible to receive it, but may then transition to another funding option such as DES.

What skills can you learn with SLES?

SLES is all about teaching essential life skills that give you a boost in seeking employment out of high school. This encapsulates a wide variety of skills, including, but not limited to:

  1. Building resilience
  2. Time management
  3. Money management
  4. Computer literacy
  5. Using public transport
  6. Writing resumes, cover letters and emails
  7. Attending job interviews

How does Arch Association do SLES?

Arch Association focuses on choice and control. To us, SLES isn’t just a program that teaches skills, it’s a way for customers to engage with their interests and plan their futures.

Our support mentors take the time to get to know our customers so they can build collaborative relationships founded on trust and mutual understanding. We take the good with the bad to assess strengths and weaknesses, and how to boost life skills using what their passion as a foundation.

To learn more about how we do SLES, visit the SLES services page on our website.

Connor Monaghan

Connor is a marketer and writer working at Arch Association and Arch Recruitment.


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