Train with Us

If your dream is to support others, let us support you

We are proud to partner with Health Ageing Training Services (HATS) to offer specialist training services for people working in the support industry, as well as everyday people who want to build their skills to support others in non-professional environments.

We offer a range of training programs, each with a special leaning towards how the skills can be applied to NDIS support. Places are limited, and not all courses are available year-round, so please be mindful when making bookings. Training takes place in the Arch Recruitment building across the road from Arch Association's office.

First Aid Training
Our nationally-accredited First-Aid course teaches essential health skills you'll need to help others in a crisis.
Safe Onboarding
Learn Safe Onboarding, or "van strapping", techniques for supporting people in wheelchairs to travel safely.
CPR Training
Our CPR training gives you the skills you need to stay calm and save a life when it matters most.
Medication Administration
Boost your support skills by learning how to manage medication for people with a wide variety of disabilities.
Manual Handling
Build your skills in manual handling to safely lift, position and move heavy objects when supporting other people.
Positive Behaviour Training
Gain the skills to manage, address and deescalate behaviours of concern during your supports and everyday life.
PEG Feeding
Learn to use Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) tubes as part of your supports.